Malaysia Woman to be Caned for Beer Freed

Even though I don’t really drink beer, I still say God Bless America for the right to have a brew if I so desired.  I respect this woman for her strength.  While we in the United States still fight for equal wages as men, we should not take for granted our freedoms as women across the world fight for rights and freedom of choice.

Source: BBC

Islamic officials in Malaysia have unexpectedly freed Kartika Sari Dewa Shukarno, who was due to be caned six times this week for drinking beer.

She pleaded guilty to the offence under Islamic law committed in 2007 and has not appealed against her sentence.

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Woman Cops To Looking For Hitman on Craigslist…

Source: Reuters

A woman involved in a bizarre love triangle tried to hire a hitman on Craigslist to kill her lover’s wife. The woman foolishly posted an ad on the site looking for some one to “quietly kill” in exchange for 5000 dollars. She has plead guily and faces some serious time behind bars. Full story below:

In November 2007, three California residents searching job listings on found an advertisement for a “freelance” position posted by Linscott, according to court documents. The three job seekers contacted California police.

The defendant asked two of the respondents via e-mail to “eradicate” the victim and provided the victim’s name, age and employment address. In one correspondence, she said she was looking for “silent assassins” and offered to pay $5,000 to kill the victim, who was not identified by the court.

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