Why Obama Is Jay-Z and Hillary Is Cam’ron

Lemme give credit where credit is due before we get accused of Swagga Jackin’  I got this from the homies over at blogometer.nationaljournal.  Thought it was hilarious and I had to share it. 
THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why Obama Is Jay-Z and Hillary Is Cam’ron

 Adam Leon explains:“Hillary Clinton’s plagiarism ploy brings to mind the classic beef between rappers Cam’ron and Jay-Z. In 2006, Cam’ron released several dis tracks aimed at his former labelmate, the generally unimpeachable Jay-Z. […]One of the songs Cam dropped was ‘Swagger Jacker,’ a seven-and-a-half-minute epic sonic collage sampling instances where Jay-Z ‘plagiarized’ from other rappers. The parallels to Hillary’s YouTube dis video are undeniable. Both Hillary and Cam’ron, unable to gain the respect or popularity of their rival, resort to calling their opponent a plagiarist. The arguments are thin at best, although at least Cam included multiple examples. As Noam Scheiber (No’am?) pointed out, almost all politicians bite each others’ rhymes, and Senator Clinton is in no way a stranger to the practice. […]Jay-Z came out the victor in the beef, in part because he reacted with no more than a shrug, refusing to release a response song directly aimed at his foe. Jay was able to position himself as above such childish and desperate mud-slinging, a strategy Senator Obama seems to have successfully, um, borrowed.”