An invention that could change the internet for ever

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The biggest internet revolution for a generation will be unveiled this month with the launch of software that will understand questions and give specific, tailored answers in a way that the web has never managed before.

The new system, Wolfram Alpha, showcased at Harvard University in the US last week, takes the first step towards what many consider to be the internet’s Holy Grail – a global store of information that understands and responds to ordinary language in the same way a person does.

Although the system is still new, it has already produced massive interest and excitement among technology pundits and internet watchers.

Computer experts believe the new search engine will be an evolutionary leap in the development of the internet. Nova Spivack, an internet and computer expert, said that Wolfram Alpha could prove just as important as Google. “It is really impressive and significant,” he wrote. “In fact it may be as important for the web (and the world) as Google, but for a different purpose. Continue reading

Is Google About to Buy Twitter?


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Google is in “late stage” talks to acquire microblogging service Twitter, according to a report on Thursday on TechCrunch citing two unnamed sources.

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher, however, on Friday said the report isn’t true, also citing unnamed sources and saying the companies have only been in product-related discussions. And a TechCrunch update backpedaled a bit, citing another source who said acquisition talks were at a “fairly early stage.”

Twitter lets people post short 140-character messages; people often subscribe to follow the stream of these tweets from acquaintances and, increasingly, companies and celebrities. After an unpleasant rocky period in which the company’s servers frequently were crushed under the strain of the service, Twitter has experienced tremendous growth.

Google’s origins, core technology, and profits come from search, but Twitter would fit in neatly with the company’s somewhat lackluster attempt to become more of a social hub too. Facebook, which attempted to acquire Twitter in 2008, is the exemplar of just how rich a medium the Internet can become for social interactions. Social sites, though, have had a hard time showing they can mean revenue and profits as well. Continue reading

New “Black” Super Search Engine Is Introduced To Rival Google.

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A new search engine is aiming to snag some of Google’s coveted clientele, the much sought after black demographic. is a new search engine service geared toward but not specific to black audiences. They are offering a more thorough search experience that will uncover news, images, video and blogs as opposed to Google’s engines which only focus on news.

Even though there have been other black-specific search engines (, and this venture is funded by InterActive Corp. (IAC) headed by Barry Diller, who’s pockets are as deep as a rabbit hole. Investment figures aren’t available at presstime but analyst are sure IAC spared no expense. There are features exclusive to this site that make it fair a little better than a regular search engine. News, job searches and social networking are all synthesized into the search portal. Networking along lines of church affiliations, fraternal/sorority membership and social groupings will be available. This race specific or case specific pilot search engine will supply IAC with the analytical info that they need to duplicate “identity” search engines for other “groups.”

“It’s not just a black search engine and it’s not just a black technology. It’s where vertical meets search and creates this new thing,” Johnny Taylor, president of Black Web Enterprise says. “Identity search is going to be the way to go.”

It sounds like black is, well, the new black.
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