Exclusive Interview w/Founders of Pen & Pixel


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Pen & Pixel once was to graphic design what McDonald’s is to gastronomy : a mass-production company, instantly recognizable, not really focused on finesse but highly effective. And culturally relevant, too : during the 90’s, the agency immortalized the underground movements of southern rap and pushed to the extreme every glittering codes of modern hip-hop. Let’s go back to the Pen & Pixel legend with its founder, Shawn Brauch.

A: How did the company start ?

S: My brother and I were working for Rap-A-Lot Records in Houston, Texas. My brother was general manager of the label from the start, he had worked there for a number of years. Other than 2 Live Crew, Rap-A-Lot was was the first exposure that America had basically seen to gangsta style southern rap. I came to Rap-A-Lot in about 1991 to assist him directing music videos. My main purpose was story-boarding. My brother was more into business, I was more into graphics. Before that, I went to the Chicago Art Institute, I have one degree there and another one in Parsons School of Design in graphic communication.

A: What albums did you work on, over at Rap-A-Lot ?

S: Quite a few. One of the first albums was Prince Johnny C, and most of the Geto Boys albums.

A: Why did you choose to leave Rap-A-Lot and run your own business?

S: We had started using computer special effects on some of the album covers of that time. Willie D’s “I’m Going out like a soldier” was actually the first CD cover to use a high amount of photorealistic special effects. When that album came out, people started saying that they wanted that for their covers. So they would come to Rap-A-Lot, thinking that they would just get the artwork and nothing else, but Rap-A-Lot obviously said that was impossible. The demands for the work went up to the point where my brother and I said “Listen, that sounds like a good business venture, so let’s start and do our own thing“.

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Judge Assigned To C- Murder’s Re-Trial, Delay Expected


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After being turned down by three judges, C- Murder’s re-trial has been assigned to a new judge.

As reported earlier, three judges refused to preside over the rapper’s trial because of their prior involvement in the case.

C Murder, born Corey Miller, is accused of killing sixteen year old Steve Thomas in 2002 during a brawl at the defunct Platinum Club in Louisiana.

He has been under house arrest awaiting re-trail since his initial murder conviction was overturned in 2006.

The judge who was initially presiding over C-Murder’s case, Martha Sassone, lost the re-election bid for her seat to Judge Ellen Kovach in November 2008. Continue reading

Romeo Drops the “Lil” Gets His Grown Man On

Romeo, set to embark on a new chapter in his life, is shedding the Lil‘ and getting his grown man on. Damn it feels good to see pubescent MC‘s grow up without succumbing to the pitfalls that put previous teenage stars out-of-commission like Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman or Brittney Spears. Headed to USC to play ball on a scholarship, there will be No Limit to the homie’s options in the future. Ha, Master P gets the last laugh after all.