Hyperkin’s FC Mobile II plays your old NES carts any way you’d like


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We’ve truly fallen in love. Hyperkin’s FC Mobile II tickles our every retro-gaming fantasy, combining portable cartridge-based NES action on a 2.5-inch screen, complete with TV-out, two “standard” wireless controllers, and a wireless gun just to top off the majestic collection. Even better, the whole kit is going for around $60 on eBay, so we can spend the rest of our suspicious money horde on Joystick Test Cartridges and tasteless cufflinks.

GTA: Chinatown Wars sales are “disappointing”

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Rockstar’s latest GTA game, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS has met with disappointing sales that are well below estimates according to investors. That’s even in face of the renewed interest in the platform thanks to the launch of the Nintendo DSi too.gta_chinatown

While Rockstar and Take-Two originally reckoned that the game could sell around two million copies in the US in just the first year, those estimates have now been slashed to just 500,000 units according to GI.biz.

Despite a strong critical reception, Take-Two’s GTA: Chinatown Wars sold a very disappointing 89,000 units in March, well below our more recent 200-250,000 estimate and far below the 400-450,000 we thought the title might sell upon its release,” wrote Doug Creutz of investor firm Cowan and Company.

Investors reckon though that the quality of the game is not the problem though, but the demographical issues surrounding the DS platform. Continue reading

[video] The WiiSpray is taking Graffiti digital- teaser x wand…

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

What is the WiiSpray project?

The foundational basis for the project goes well beyond replacing real graffiti as an art form.  Moreover, WiiSpray
is to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level surpassing tactile boundaries of the tangible world.

Within the system, there is a symbiosis of digital and analog as well as overcoming restrictions of distance and time.  An advantage of the system proves to possess a user-friendly design simple enough for children to use.  The virtual canvas allows the user to decide what is saved and what is discarded, all the while keeping the surrounding area clean and free of what otherwise would be a messy form of media.

Super Mario Bros. has been Dethrowned as #1 Game Title in the World


Source: Yahoo

According to game-tracking website VGChartz, sales of Nintendo’s pop-culture phenom Wii Sports have surpassed those of legendary platformer Super Mario Bros., making the breakout Wii title the best-selling video game of all time. And it only took two years and two months to do it.

The data is based on cumulative worldwide sales figures ending the week of December 27, 2008, which indicate that lifetime sales of Wii Sports have exceeded Mario’s staggering 40.24 million units.

Shocked? Don’t be. Unlike most video games that can be bought at retail, Wii Sports comes bundled with the Wii hardware in every territory other than Japan and Korea. In other words, if you bought a Wii, you bought Wii Sports whether you liked it or not (chances are, you liked it). With over 45 million Wiis sold worldwide to date, it’s only logical that Wii Sports would start smashing records sooner or later.

And before you brand Wii Sports a false champion due to being bundled with hardware, consider that Super Mario Bros. was also sold as a bundle with the original Nintendo Entertainment System during its mid-80’s heyday. Plus, Wii Sports has been a major hit even in non-bundled form, topping Wii sales charts in Japan at over 3.2 million copies sold in 2008 alone.  A new version of the game, Wii Sports: Resort, is due out later this year.