[video] Why do you hate Obama?

So these Tea Partiers were asked why they hate Obama? Do you think they had valid answers or just were clueless?

(Newser) – Why does the tea party hate Barack Obama? For a vast number of reasons—most of which apparently aren’t rooted deeply in reality. New Left Media asked protesters at the National Tax Day demonstration to explain their motivations, and perhaps predictably gathered some less-than-well-thought-out answers in this video, picked up by the Huffington Post. “Did you know president Obama is considering banning fishing in America? Fishing!” says one wide-eyed woman.

“I believe it’s going to be the end of life as we know it in America!” another young man declares. When pressed on which issues specifically will be so catastrophic, he sputters, “Well… just the socialist angle … Um, the tyranny of the government?” When the interviewer tells some of the protesters that Obama actually lowered taxes, they simply don’t believe him.

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