[videos + pics] The Game Gives Back to Ferguson

IMG_1805The Game stopped by Ferguson, MO yesterday to visit Michael Brown’s memorial and meet with his family. That wasn’t the extent of his stay, however.

The Compton native was also in a giving mood and took it upon himself to buy 100 Happy Meals, which he also helped cook and serve to the local youth as part of his Robin Hood Project. You can check out the rest of the pics and videos here. Salute to Game for stepping up and spreading some love.

Got a chance to spend time with #MikeBrown's grandmother. #Ferguson

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Brought the kids from the neighborhood in #Ferguson to @McDonalds & bought #100HappyMeals & I'm back here cookin em' !!!!!!!!!

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#100HappyMeals for the kids in #Ferguson on me got em turnt up in hurrr !!!!! #TheRobinHoodProject

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They love me out here in #Ferguson #100HappyMeals #ForTheKids #WeInHurrrrrr

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#100HappyMeals #WeCookinBaby #LoveTheKids #Ferguson #RIPMIKEBROWN

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The drive thru back open & I'm servin… Pull up !!! #McDonalds #Ferguson #100HappyMeals

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[video] McDonalds shows us how it makes ‘French Fries’

Probably every human being in this country has had some McDonalds fries at one time or another. Here they fight back against the critics who say that they don’t use real potatoes in probably the most addictive food in human history.

Does McDonald’s use real potatoes? Why do the fries always taste so good? Are they mashed and formed in a mold? There are a lot of questions about our fries so Grant Imahara is going to investigate our fry making process in his own way. Watch and discover how we make our World Famous Fries.


[video] Woman beaten with PIPE by Mickey D’s cashier may have BRAIN DAMAGE mother claims

There are a lot of wrongs on both sides here. First and foremost these women should not have jumped behind the counter at all to try to attack this guy over him checking to see if their $50 dollar bill was real. This probably caused to lose control defending himself and went overboard. He could of easily subdued these women and called for police. For him to use a lead pipe for two women was a bit extreme but what if they pulled a weapon on him? The truth of the matter is these women had no right to jump over the counter no matter the circumstance and brought this horrible situation on themselves.

via Daily News

Mickey D’s employee Rayon McIntosh, 31, used a metal bat to beat Darbeau and pal Rachel Edwards after they jumped behind the counter during a dispute over a $50 bill.

McIntosh is on parole after serving 10 years for manslaughter for shooting and killing a 17-year-old classmate in 2000.

Darbeau’s mother said her daughter was unarmed and didn’t deserve the beating, some of which occurred while she was helpless on the floor.

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McDonalds overwhelmed with JOB SEEKERS on NATIONAL HIRING DAY

Who would have ever thought working at McDonalds would become a coveted job?

Shows you that this tough economy has changed peoples attitude. Full disclosure: I worked at McDonalds for probably two weeks back in 1990.

via Sacbee
McDonald’s didn’t have a complete count on how many applicants showed up Tuesday, but so many arrived on some local McDonald’s doorsteps that restaurant owners were nearly overwhelmed.

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