Dirty Cash: The Man in Black gets a Hip-Hop makeover



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There’s a new Johnny Cash album coming your way (yes, another one – clever, eh?). This time the USP is the BPMs. Overseen by Cash’s son John Carter Cash and the ever-pliable Snoop Dogg, the likes of Sonny J, Count De Money and Pete Rock have been let loose on the Man in Black’s back catalogue. Cash more than holds his own, mainly because few of the remixes are truly radical, but also because his style is so distinctive it could survive a nuclear onslaught from Throbbing Gristle.

Ultimately you can’t help suspecting the motives. On a project like this, it’s customary to flog it with puff about the original artist “always defying convention” and “forever breaking new ground”. The Cash remix recordis no different. His son insists JC would have “loved this remix record” and perhaps that’s true – there’s a clear link, after all, between the swaggering braggadocio of lines like “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die” and gangsta rap – but the results still feel contrived.

When confronted with these kind of genre clashes from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, my first instinct is one of deep cynicism. History teaches us to be cautious: listen to Tom Jones hefting along with the aid of the miserably misguided Wyclef Jean and you can practically smell the grubby conversations about “expanding the brand demographic”. That said, shameless marriages of convenience don’t always make for bad music. Few would argue that Run DMC and Aerosmith’s collaboration on Walk This Way was commercially motivated, but it was still fantastic, partly because there’s a natural fit between rap and hard rock. But even the famous rap-rock soundtrack to Judgment Night was in reality hit-and-miss: remember Mudhoney’s bruising encounter with Sir Mix-A-Lot, or Teenage Fanclub with De La Soul? Thought not. They were hardly career highlights, and let’s not start on Helmet and House of Pain. Continue reading

Snoop Preps Upscale Clothing Line Called ‘Rich & Infamous’

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When Snoop Dogg paid homage to the late Johnny Cash on the record “My Medicine,” it was obvious that his influences ran far deeper than just Hip Hop. Taking that idea to the next level, Snoop is gearing up to release a clothing line solely inspired by men like Cash who push their success to the limit.

Titled Rich & Infamous, the clothing brand is described on the official website as “A fraternity of sorts — from presidents to gangsters — who’ve been able to endure the burden of gaining wealth at any cost. Garnering equal parts admiration and disdain, these men savor the fruits and relish the spotlight. Jimi Hendrix, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, and Muhammad Ali, among many others, are all included in Snoop Dogg’s euphoric aspirations to make Rich & Infamous a powerful brand. Continue reading