Hispanic Growth Rate Fueled By High Fertility

Hispanic Pregnancy
Source: AP

I know this sounds like a tired stereotype but this is in fact scientific study

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hispanic women born in the United States are more likely to have children out of wedlock than women who are immigrant Hispanics or non-Hispanics, according to an analysis released by Pew Hispanic Center Thursday.

Hispanic women generally, both U.S.-born and immigrants, have higher fertility rates than non Hispanics – 84 births per 1,000 Hispanic women compared with 63 per 1,000 non-Hispanic women.

The differences can also be found between Hispanic women born in this country – 73 births per 1,000 women – and immigrant Hispanic women – 96 per 1,000 women.

Hispanics are now 15.1 percent of the U.S. population, according to Census data released last week. Their numbers are growing more because of births than immigration.
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Me No Like You!


Say it ain’t so…a recent poll by New America Media has revealed that most American “minorities” mistrust one another more than they mistrust “white” Americans.  In this classic case of divide and conquer, Hispanics and Asians are afraid of Blacks who they claim are responsible for most crime, while Blacks and Hispanics ain’t feeling Asians because they treat them with little respect whenever they patronize Asian establishments.  The poll says Blacks take exception with Hispanics because they’re displacing them from available work while the “Man” is in the cut laughing his ass off at all of them.  Hispanics and Asians claim that Blacks are bitter because they’ve missed the boat in regards to the “American Dream” while they all agree that things would be more balanced if minorities were more active in roles of power.  To read more of this disturbing report click HERE.