George Zimmerman Is An Artist Now? Painting Fetching $100,000 Bids on EBAY

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This can’t be life, but since it is I just don’t know what to say about people actually willing to buy art from this man.

via Policy Mic

Initially posted for $99, it’s now being bid on for $99,966.00, with over 300 inquiries and just $40 for expedited shipping.

Zimmerman’s blue-and-black painting of an American flag features the inspiring patriotic text “God, One Nation, With Liberty and Justice For All,” is 18″ x 24″, and was made with donated household latex paint. Like, for walls.
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Skype, the Web Phone Giant, Brings Cheap Calls to Cellular



via NY Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Skype, the Internet calling service that has more than 400 million users around the world, is aggressively moving onto mobile phones.

The Luxembourg-based company, a division of eBay, plans to announce on Tuesday that it will make its free software available immediately for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and, beginning in May, for various BlackBerry phones, made by Research in Motion.

Other companies have already made software for those phones that works with Skype, but it does not offer all of the service’s features.

As with Skype on the computer, users of Skype on mobile phones can make calls and send instant messages to other Skype users free, and they pay lower rates than the phone companies would charge when they use Skype to call landlines or other mobile phones. Continue reading

eBay Seller Reaches Million-Point Milestone


via CNN

NEW YORK (AP) — If you’ve ever sold something on eBay, you may have been pleased to receive positive feedback from the buyer. Multiply that by a million, and you can imagine how Jack Sheng feels.

Sheng, 33, owns Los Angeles-based Eforcity Corp., which has been selling electronics accessories on the online auction site since he started his business in 2000 with two childhood friends.

In the past two months, four separate eBay user IDs belonging to Sheng and his company each surpassed more than 1 million feedback points. No one else on eBay has come close.

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LVMH wins $61 Million Judgement Against eBay

via Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – A French court ordered eBay Inc to pay 38.6 million euros ($61 million) to luxury goods group LVMH for allowing the sale of fake merchandise, in a ruling immediately appealed by the online auction website.

Monday’s decision, a month after eBay was ordered by another French court to pay handbag and scarves maker Hermes 20,000 euros for allowing the sale of counterfeits, is the latest episode in a long fight between luxury goods makers and the world’s biggest online auctioneer.

“We will fight all these decisions in the name of eBay users, and we have decided to appeal,” eBay said.
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Super Group CRS Gets Super Tee


[Source: Complex]

Extra, Extra! A themed t-shirt based on the supposed Super Group CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) has just been created and it is causing pandemonium on the net. This super conceptual tee has all three icons draped in Bape wear, (Kanye rocking the strapped up Ato Matsumoto kicks) toting heavy metal. I know you’re scratching your head like, WTF? but I’m sure that just makes it more “artsy.” Fans of Kanye, Pharell, Lupe get in on the bid now! It is underway on eBay and you can bet you’re Louie Teddy Bear that this one will be a collectors item for the ages!