[video] Kathy Griffin booed by US Troops after Briston Palin “She’s like the White Precious” Diss

Are we really surprised by the corpse Kathy Griffin? This woman who has had extensive plastic surgery and still looks like shit throwing around insults is nothing new. I know she has a special relationship with Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston, but did she have to throw ‘Precious’ star Gabe Sidibe into the mix? She has already taken a tremendous amount of criticism and jokes from everybody concerning her obesity. She obviously has a problem like a ton of other Americans or we would not be transfixed by television shows like the Biggest Loser. Anyway somebody needs to stand up to these dead sea hag and give her a taste of her own medicine one of these days. Should not be that hard have you guys ever seen her?


[video] Ex-Conservative Still Doesn’t Believe Sarah Palin’s Baby Story

Very interesting take from ex-conservative Andrew Sullivan, on the story that won’t go away about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, which has been dogged by rumors since she was thrust into the limelight by John McCain in last years presidential campaign.

The rumor is that special needs Baby Trig is not actually hers and that the birth mother is actually her daughter Bristol, who also had an out of wedlock child with Levi Johnston who just recently posed for Playgirl (sounds like an episode of Law and Order).