NYPD Releases Times Square Surveillance Video of Suspect in Failed Bombing

I don’t know what they want this guy for but it will be virtually impossible to find him in my opinion. Who knows but this attempt to explode this bomb would have rocked NYC and put this country back into high alert immediately. No matter how we feel about this government let’s be glad this bomb did not go off.

The New York City Police Department has released surveillance video of a man leaving the scene near where a car bomb was found in Times Square. The man is seen taking off his shirt as he wants down the street. (May 3)

Israel Drops 100 Tons of Bombs on Gaza

Call me ol’ school but I will never grow accustomed to seeing dead babies and civilian casualties and I will always remind myself that by ignoring such a deplorable act is as bad as condoning it. This ain’t the time to be silent about the wholesale slaughter of people and unnecessary lose of life. And its not only going on in the Gaza, is going down in The Congo, in Sudan, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma and countless other regions on this globe. I can’t see how this tragedy is any different than what took place in India last month.  Boy, the devil stays hard at work these days…

via Info Clearinghouse

Israel’s deadly airstrikes on Hamas compounds in the Gaza Strip are drawing sharp reactions in the Arab world, and a variety of responses elsewhere.

The Israeli attacks brought immediate condemnation from Arab leaders, and especially from Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum who said the Palestinian people would not “live in bloodshed and between body parts, wounded and dead people,” and that Israel must “pay the price” for what he called “this aggression.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Fatah group is a rival of Hamas, denounced the airstrikes and called for restraint.   Continue reading

Student Sentenced to 15 Years for YouTube Terror Video

picture_15via WIRED

An Egyptian engineering student was sentenced in the United States on Thursday to 15 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to uploading a 12-minute video to YouTube that demonstrated how to convert a remote-control toy car into a bomb detonator.

In June, Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, 27, pleaded guilty in a Florida federal court to one count of providing material support to terrorists. He was a student at the University of South Florida. South Carolina authorities said they found various bomb-making materials in the vehicle he was driving when he was pulled over last year.

The video, with his voice in Arabic, was discovered during a search of his laptop computer, the authorities said. In the video, which the authorities said was viewed by the public hundreds of times, shows how to make a remote-control toy car from Walmart into a bomb detonator.

In court documents
, (.pdf) he said “he intended the technology demonstrated in his audio-video recording to be used against those who fight for the United States.” He said he considered them and their allies fighting in Arab countries to be “invaders.” The United States, he said, was a “vile nation.”