Study Says Vegans and Vegetarians Have Low Sperm Count

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As the debate rages on between meat eaters and the vegan community as to what diet is the most optimal for health, new information has been released about the how these diets affect sperm count. This study also examines the effect of coffee, alcohol, and vegetables on sperm production for those wanting to produce children. Read more below: via Daily Beast

The paper’s authors also believe that the soy-rich diet of non-meat eaters could be to blame due to its levels of phyto-estrogens, which have similar properties to estrogen itself (and could therefore be overpowering a man’s testosterone). “It’s hard to tell people not to be vegetarians if they are trying to conceive,” said Eliza Orzylowska, an obstetrician at Loma Linda University Medical Center. “But I would caution against using soy, at least for 74 days beforehand, which is the time it takes for sperm to be replaced.”


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[video] Woman Bites Off Man’s Lips at Oktoberfest (Extremely Graphic)

This is probably the most cringe-worthy video of the year and this woman obviously was no joke and maybe he shouldn’t of tried to stuff something in her mouth.

via Gawker

A very drunk man who got in a very drunk brawl at Oktoberfest had to have his lip sewn back on after a very drunk woman bit it off.

The man, dressed in Lederhosen, apparently tried to shove something in a 30-year-old Alaskan woman’s mouth. She then got up and punched him, he grabbed her arms, and she bit his lip for at least 15 seconds, when the footage cuts off.

The woman, wearing devil horns, was arrested for criminal assault. According to Metro, the man had emergency surgery to reattach his lip.

Buried Haitian Man Lived on Beer, Cookies & Coke for 11 Days


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Daily Mail: For 11 days, 24-year-old Wismond Exantus existed in a nightmare. Buried alive, he survived on beer, biscuits and Coke, and banged desperately on the broken walls that weighed down on him to get someone’s attention.

He did not know if anyone would ever hear. He prayed, recited psalms, and slept.

On Sunday – hours after authorities called off the search for survivors in Haiti – a journalist heard Wismond’s pleas for help.

Malaysia Woman to be Caned for Beer Freed

Even though I don’t really drink beer, I still say God Bless America for the right to have a brew if I so desired.  I respect this woman for her strength.  While we in the United States still fight for equal wages as men, we should not take for granted our freedoms as women across the world fight for rights and freedom of choice.

Source: BBC

Islamic officials in Malaysia have unexpectedly freed Kartika Sari Dewa Shukarno, who was due to be caned six times this week for drinking beer.

She pleaded guilty to the offence under Islamic law committed in 2007 and has not appealed against her sentence.

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