Dre 3000 Preps His New Preppy Line Benjamin Bixby


Mr. Andre Benjamin, one half of the dynamic ATL duo know to the world as Outkast, is gearing up to make a mark in the fashion industry via the debut of his own line Benjamin Bixby.  Best described as an ode to old school European fashion influences, you should be expecting the ATLien to push the envelope to the parameters with eccentric designs and colorful fabrics.  Already accomplished as a trendetting rapper, and respectable actor Dre, well known for his original fashion sense had this to say about his intentions: 

“There has to be something inventive about it,” he says. “But not so inventive that it’s a turnoff. So that some of the greats, like Beau Brummell or the Duke of Windsor, would nod and say, ‘Well done.’ Those guys killed it.” Now, that’s hip-hop

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