[video] Larry Sanders – Why I Walked Away From the NBA: Players’ POV

Larry Sanders explains why he is no longer passionate about playing the NBA. Props to him for walking away to do what he really wants to do and the $31 million he has collected so far is a nice cushion.

via Business Insider

Sanders had three years remaining on a $44 million contract. He left around $21 million on the table in the buyout.

Sanders, age 26, has had a host of issues on and off the court since signing that contract in 2013. In a video on the Players’ Tribune, Sanders said that he got treatment for depression, anxiety, and a mood disorder at Rogers Memorial Hospital after leaving the team in December.




[video] Giuliana Rancic Cops Plea after Racist Dread Lock Remarks



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Sorry Giuliana the only person who can get away with spewing racist types was Joan Rivers  . If you are living under a rock, go here to get the full story. Hit the cut for the video apology from Giuliani..err Giuliana Rancic