[pic] Raiders Defensive Tackle Desmond Bryant takes WORST Mugshot of All Time

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 5.53.23 PM
Looks like he is ready to hurl a stomach full of liquor all over the precinct floor. Now it might be debatable that this is the worst mugshot of all time, but regardless this is a terrible look for prospective teams to consider to have this guy on their team.

via Bleacher Report

The details behind Bryant’s arrest are a little fuzzy, so we don’t know if this is the adorable face of the extremely inebriated, the mug of someone trying to be funny or a picture of someone who doesn’t know how to smile.

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Miss Delaware Teen USA Steps Down After Porn Movie Emerges

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Ladies if you do porn no matter how much you change for the better down the line, it wil always come back to haunt you. Make sure you are ’bout that life’ before you decide to spread it wide for the cameras. Gawker has the scoop…

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.23.57 PM

via Gawker

Gawker received an anonymous tip this morning that said a video originally found on the “real amateur girls” website GirlsDoPorn.com (NSFW, obviously) starred King. In the clip, a woman who resembles King says that she turned 18 three months ago—”In March”—before telling an off-camera interviewer that she decided to go into porn because she needed the money. The woman then says she participates in beauty pageants, though she doesn’t reveal in which state she competes.

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