[video] ‘KONY 2012’ EXEC Joked About Keeping $900k Donation for Himself (TMZ Exclusive)

So the Kony scam continues to unravel. He actually thinks its funny to joke about keeping the lionshare of money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake? These guys are douches.

via TMZ

TMZ has obtained the clip … featuring Jedidiah Jenkins, the Director of Ideology for the charity dedicated to hunting down African warlord Joseph Kony.

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Exclusive: Custom Los Angeles Kings Snapback New Era

Rock-N-Jocks has got the perfect match for the Retro Jordan 10’s that just dropped with this custom Los Angeles Kings snapback New Era. This snapback is all graphite grey with the top of the bill in black and the bottom of the bill in green. The embroidered Los Angeles Kings shield logo on the front of the hat is in white and black. The back of the hat has the same kings embroidered shield logo but smaller in white and black. Limited to only 30 total pieces. Go make it yours before it sells out only at http://www.rocknjocks.com

Some Hunger Game Fans wished the film was “Whites Only”

I enjoyed Hunger Games and since I didn’t read the book at the beginning of the film I hoped that I could find a few people that looked like me in this imagined future. I was pleased to find that some of the films key actors were black and the film was more diverse than I initially expected. I guess some people didn’t get the same joy out of that diversity.

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