Exclusive: Rock-N-Jocks just got in stock Chenille logo New Era fitteds

Rock-N-Jocks just got in stock Chenille logo New Era fitteds. Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians. The material on the logo is just like the material on varsity jackets. Very limited to how many are in stock for each team. Get one while you can at http://www.rocknjocks.com Also if you like saving money then you are going to want to click RNJ’s like button on their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocknjocks/181017275271403

[video] Wrestler CM Punk Responds to Chris Brown’s Twitter Messages

This whole shitstorm started a few days ago on Twitter when CM Punk offered to fight Chris Brown in the ring. Chris threw a bunch of tweets back accusing CM Punk of using steriods and not being able to please a woman. CM Punk has now made a response video and it is kinda of brutal. Time for Chris Brown to stop engaging in war of words over this Rihanna thing, it always seem to backfire.