Still Wanna Eat Fast Food? Here’s Another Reason to Leave It Alone

This should be the final straw in terms of people beginning to stop eating fast food in droves across this country. If high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity is not enough then this bit of information will not stop you from your Big Mac, but I will post it for the few that will take heed and stop eating the junk in fast food restaurants.

via Fit Perez

Perfluoroalkyls are a hazardous class of stable, synthetic chemicals.

University of Toronto researchers have found that toxicperfluoroalkyls can be found on the surface of many fast food wrappers and subsequently are leaking into your food. Perfluoroalkyls are used to coat the wrapper to keep grease from leaking out of the product, but it has been found coating people’s blood after being ingested.

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Exclusive: Montreal Expos New Era 59/50 Fitted

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[video] 94 Year Old Indian Man Still Making Babies

Even more amazing then him is his wife still pushing out babies at 59 years old.

via NY Post

“This child is God’s gift to me,” Ramjit Raghav said of the baby, Karamjit.He said the secret of his miraculous virility was being in shape as a wrestler in his youth and adhering to a remarkable nuts-and-dairy diet.Raghav said he drinks about 3½ quarts of milk a day, and eats a pound of almonds and a pound of clarified butter, which is known as ghee in India.

Julian Asange: Kill Me and I Reveal What Arab Leaders Work With CIA

This guy seems to hold all the chips huh? This latest threat from him probably will ruffle alot of feathers in Arab governments across the world because alot of their power is predicated on their supposed dislike for the US. It would be insane to find out that some of these guys are really covert operatives for the CIA like Osama Bill Laden and Sadam Hussein were later proved to be. This gets more interesting as it goes on. More below:

via Business Insider

Julian Assange has set the ultimate dead man’s switch: Arrest or kill him and thousands of files will be automatically released, including documents that out CIA-backed Arabs.
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