Security for President Obama’s trip to India biggest ever

Infamous photo of Air Force One

via India Today

The presidential entourage will have 40 aircraft, including the Air Force One that will ferry the president. There will be six armoured cars, including four Barack Mobiles and a Cadillac.

Cadillac is equipped with a mini communication centre to enable Obama to be in touch with the White House, US vice president and the US strategic command. It also has the US nuke launch codes and it can withstand a chemical or germ warfare and a bomb attack.

Presidential Motorcade


Two secret service command posts will be set up in Delhi and Mumbai to act as the communication nerve centres. These will monitor the president’s movement with real time satellite monitoring.

Three Marine One choppers will be reassembled in India to ferry the president and his family and to evacuate them in case of any emergency.


End Of an Era: Panasonic Kills Off Technics Turntables

First they announced the walkman, now the turntable. I was surprised that they were still making walkmen, but this right here is truly the end of an era. I guess Fatbeats was the precursor to this more info below:

via Gizmodo

If you’ve ever been a DJ, known a DJ, or listened to a DJ, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Technics. Panasonic’s analog turntables are legend among scratchers and spinners. And now they’re gone.

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[video] School board member to resign for saying that ‘fags and queers should commit suicide’ on Facebook

Why do people use such a public forum as facebook to speak their private thoughts? Whether you agree or disagree with his stance you should not be on Facebook saying this as such and not expect a serious blow back from the public.


(CNN) — A school board district member in Arkansas who came under fire for an anti-gay post on a social networking site regrets the comments and will resign his seat, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday.

“I’m sorry I’ve hurt people with my comments,” Clint McCance, vice-president of the Midland School District in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas said. “I’m sorry I made those ignorant comments and hurt people on a broad spectrum.”
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McDonald’s Manager Wins Lawsuit: Job Made Me Really Fat

via Newser
A Brazilian court has ordered McDonald’s to pay a former franchise manager $17,500 because he gained 65 pounds while working there a dozen years. The 32-year-old man said he was forced to sample food products each day to ensure that quality standards remained high because McDonald’s hired “mystery clients” to randomly visit restaurants and report on the food, service and cleanliness.
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