Amazing New PS4 Game Console Design

A dutch site by the name of PS3 Clan has just revealed the newest rumor about the PlayStation 4, and the raw power it will have under its hood. Below is a statement the site received from IMGTEC quoted.

“The PlayStation 4 shall use a high end variant of the 6 Series line. Performance, specifications and features are unknown at this time. The Series 6 shall receive an official announcement from IMGTEC sometime in 2010, with initial models targeting the smartphone and netbook sectors.”

According to this, the PS4 will use the PowerVR Series 6 graphics card by Imagination Technologies. This graphics card is suppose to be 3 to 5 times better than a competitive level nVidia/ATI graphics card. The PowerVR card is also the same size and price as a nVidia card. Hopefully, gamers won’t have to wait long to find out if this rumor is true.

19 thoughts on “Amazing New PS4 Game Console Design

  1. ewewrgreg :
    kinda suck cuz if it falls its gna brek and ur gna have to spend like $50 on a new one…

    1. not 50$ 500$
    2. not glass plexy glass
    3. y would it fall

  2. kinda suck cuz if it falls its gna brek and ur gna have to spend like $50 on a new one…

  3. that is the biggest bunch of bull sh!t ever, will be a standard old console with the typical old average graphical improvement etc, and as for saying its 5 to 6 times more powerfl than nvidia or ati cards they can suck nads imagination tech they have no experiance in high end graphics at all, not only that from when this article was written to when this ps4 is released nvidia will already have a card 5 times more powerful. just like when the ps3 cam out the graphics card was based on the nvidia 7800 when computers had already moved on to a card twice as strong.

    Consoles cant work that way in order to make them the company needs to choose a card and develop it to be smaller and adaptable to the console while their doing this they will always be over taken.

    its because of that you can see this is just some fan boy BS

  4. good false pic i hav 2 say, a flaw with the lack of the triigers though (somewhat beleiveable)


    Retards. Let’s ignore that the controller has no shoulder buttons, too.

  6. That’s obviously just bits of the Xcross menu pasted all over some futuristic looking design that might not even be a games console

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