How To Write A Rap Song

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“How To Write A Rap Song”

A lot of people want to rap, but don’t know how to create songs. We’ll look no farther. This is for the clueless and the clued alike! Check this out, rap nerd!

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4

Bridge & Chorus

1. Brainstorming

Before we start our rap song lets brainstorm ideas for the song.
This will help you with your chorus & title.

Brainstorm: Writing, Typing, Music, Bored, Late at Night, etc.

2. Chorus

What is a chorus?

Answer: A chorus is a part of the song that loops twice.
This is usually the part of the song that most people remember.
A chorus can definitely make or break a song.

Now we need to come up with our chorus.
This will help us decide what the title will be for your song.

Chorus: Writing late at night some music, Bored Late at Night don’t confuse it.

3. Title

Now for writing the title! As stated earlier this is usually based on the chorus, Brainstorm!

Brainstorm for title: Bored at Night, Writing Music, Writing Late, Bored Music, Bored Night

Title: Writing Late

4. Verse 1

1.1 Writing late my song, by myself cant go wrong,
1.2 Thinking of the things I been thru, Just what I had to do,
1.3 no writers block, so no need to stop,
1.4 putting my feelings down on paper, tears disappear like vapor,

5. Verse 2

2.1 It’s me I’m back again, Thinking way back when,
2.2 Before I had this flow, and write like this though,
2.3 I could barely write a rhyme, now I drop them on the dime,
2.4 Practice makes perfect I guess, would not take anything less,

6. Chorus: Writing late at night some music, Bored late at night don’t confuse it.

7. Verse 3

3.1 Oh no its verse three, look at the clock its about the same g,
3.2 Take my pen and write another line, mix this mix that, and rhyme,
3.3 See when its my song, I know I cant go wrong!
3.4 I write what I want to, just things I been thru,

8. Verse 4

4.1 Some walk the walk, Some talk the talk,
4.2 What I do is rhyme, make this song mine.
4.3 Believe me it can be done, kick back have some fun,
4.4 No need for hiding, grab a pen, start writing!

9. Bridge & Chorus

What is a Bridge?

Answer: The bridge is similar to one chorus, Just Smaller .
This is a chance to change things up a bit, So you don’t sound like a broken record.

Now lets write the Bridge.

11 thoughts on “How To Write A Rap Song

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  5. Rap is a form of art. I dont think anyone has the right or the ability to say how it should be done. Wack rappers come in shapes and sizes. And you haters need to put your brakes on. PLEASE…lol And the fucken Names GUTTERHEAD and I will always like them butterdead…lol

  6. u dont need no help writing a rap song. it’s God’s gift. nas, kRS one… were preordained. save the music by not writing a rap song today. peace!

  7. thats not true. Alot of rappers 2day have ghost writers when implys that they need help writing a song.

  8. If you need instruction on how to write a rap song then you shouldn’t be rapping. This is the reason why hip hop is dying.

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