Chris Brown’s new R&B chick(Natalie Mejia)?

The good folks over at Thisis50 are reporting that Chris Brown aka Chris Breezy has a new girl and that she is from the group Girlicious. Do we even care? Anyway as Rihanna is back clubbing and partying while Chris is still hiding which makes him look even more guilty. Chris come out apologize and stop the bleeding so you can have some sort of career in the near future.

via Thisis50

Chris Brown has a new piece! The two were seen exiting a Tattoo Parlor in Hollyweird yesterday. The new victim is Natalie Mejia from the Pussycat Dolls girl group, Girlicious. Looks like Breezy is going out for some Mexican eating.

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9 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s new R&B chick(Natalie Mejia)?

  1. wtf summer, stop shit talking ppl, who the hell r u? im sure ure sum ugly ass bitch. how do u know shes a major downgrade? do u know her and rihanna personally? god im so mad rite now.

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