Change “The Game” Campaign


As rumors that CW’s “THE GAME” will not be renewed for a fourth year spread across the blogosphere, its cast fights against the threat of cancellation with their “Change ‘The Game’ Campaign. On April 15, Mara Brock Akil, African American writer of the recently canceled “Girlfriends,”  is  proposing a format switch from a half hour sitcom to a hour long dramedy in hopes to save the show.

Sign the Petition to Keep “THE GAME” On Air orLeave a message on “THE GAME” Message Board wrote the following concerning The CW & “The Game:

In its first season, The Game averaged 2.3 million viewers each week. For season two, the ratings dropped to 2.07 million and a .96 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This season, CW execs have stranded the series in a little-watched Friday night timeslot. It’s fallen to an average of 1.68 million viewers and a tiny 0.7 rating in the demo.

Along with fellow sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, The Game hasn’t exactly been a ratings powerhouse. It looks very likely that Chris will be canceled in May but will have 88 episodes, enough for a syndication run that’s scheduled to start on Nick at Nite this Fall. In contrast, The Game will only have 64 episodes.

9 thoughts on “Change “The Game” Campaign

  1. I’m very upset about the show being canceled. First they kept switching the times then they started switching the days,how was anyone suppose to keep up with that. I’m dying to find out if that baby belongs2derwin witch I hope it doesn’t and I hope that Kelly gets back wit her husband. And that darn Tiasha is so darn funny I love that show malike keep doing your thing bring it back we need more black shows on thank you

  2. I love the game i watch every reruns and ive seen all of them please bring it back please please my life feels wierd that i dont get to watch teh game

  3. the game is my life after working a long hard day i need somethnig to come home to and i watch the reruns all day evey day the same ones it never gets old

  4. I love the Game too. if i am work i DVR and watch it. I love the show since it’s birth and don’t want to see it go. maybe if they move it back to Monday. But whatever day i hate to see it go away..


  6. The game is very funny…great writing and acting!!!! It’s entertaining for men as well as women–check it out–render your support!!!!! thanks StreetKnowledge for helping to bring attention to this issue.

  7. Thanks for helping the campaign to save the tv show THE GAME. Too many African-American entertaining shows have been cancelled. It’s time for us to speak out and push back!!!!!

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