Officer in Oscar Grant Murder is Released on Bail


via BAMN

Hundreds of community members and friends and family of Oscar Grant present at Alameda County Courthouse today were outraged after Officer Mehserle was granted release upon $3 million bail. District Attorney Tom Orloff’s office and his assistant DA did not even try to ask for denial of bail.

“The fix is in—it is the aim of the prosecutor’s office to let Johannes Mehserle, Tony Pirone, and the other BART cops get away with murder,” said Yvette Felarca, Northern California coordinator of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). “Orloff has not even charged Pirone and the other killer cops who were clearly accomplices to murder. He’s protecting them. He’s hiding the identities of the other killer cops by instructing BART not to release their names.” “What’s needed now is an independent investigation and an independent public tribunal of and for the people of Oakland to gather as much information as possible so that the truth of Oscar Grant’s killing is not buried,” said Ronald Cruz, BAMN organizer and Berkeley Law student.

“It’s clear that Oscar Grant is not going to get justice through the police, the Alameda prosecutor’s office, or any of the official bodies. BAMN calls on unions, churches, and community organizations to join us in pulling together this independent investigation and series of public hearings. Any witnesses who saw the killing or who has evidence, should get that evidence to BAMN, either directly or anonymously.” “Mayor Ronald Dellums has got to break his silence, and make clear he seeks justice for Oscar Grant and is prepared to defend black and Latino youth of Oakland against police terror, brutality, and murder,” said Felarca. “Dellums must speak out against the handling of the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

In addition to the independent public tribunal, BAMN plans demonstrations, including emergency response demonstrations statewide Monday, February 2. BAMN has also launched a mass petition campaign demanding: (1) jail all the killer cops, (2) disarm the BART police and keep BART police out of Oakland, (3) open an independent public investigation, and (4) drop all the charges against protesters.

[video] 50 Cent Warns Rick Ross His Career Will Finish! “Rick Ross Ima F*ck Your Life Up For Fun. I Have A List Of Niccas I Already Did. Khaled Is A Faggot”

Curtis takes a moment to regretfully inform Rick Ross that his career will be coming to an end once he gets back from Venezuela. He is bent on adding him to his growing list of candidates for extinction. This battle should be very entertaining to say the least…

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Young Jeezy Responds Back TO Bill O’Reilly On This New Remix Version Track Called “My President Black” (Feat. Jay-Z) “Bill O’Reilly Eat A Dick. You Really Being A Racist & Tell Dennis Miller The Show Suck”

 I seen this earlier in the week but because of WordPress complications I’ve been refraining from posting audio, but I can’t deny this one. I like the way this battle is shaping on because I think they picked the wrong one when they signaled out Jeezy and Jay-Z.  Jeezy got that rebellious spirit in him that will make him spit the real, so now you have the full transition of a TRAPPER RAPPER into one who has been dealing with street politics in a unique way since THE RECESSION dropped.  Who would have ever thought it would be Jeezy that would be the one with the potential of crippling Bill O’Reilly and his crew of cronies.

[video] AROUND THE WORLD- Puff & Mase [ThrowBack]

I stumbled on this and was reminded of what made Puff great when he was at the top of his game.  And that was the ability to capture life at its most festive moments and then create a genre of video making that was similar to cinema to project it. He had the honor of initially setting off these CINEMATIC big budget videos by launching the career of B.I.G. with both “JUICY” and “WARNING” videos, his very first, culminating with “HYPNOTISE”  his very last. The latter being the pinaccle of BIG BUDGET productions, but definitely worthy of every penny.  They are both CERTIFIED classics. 

He was working with a winning formula when he had Ma$e playing the ROBIN to Puffy’s DARK KNIGHT.  He has never had chemistry with another rapper of this caliber since Frank White himself.  So shout out to Puff for really having the vision to THINK BIG and for that foresight he can always say I AM KING.

NFL to Monitor Super Bowl Celebrations for Gang Signals


via Telegraph UK

You will not see anything like Salomon Kalou’s ‘handcuff’ sign on Wednesday night for Chelsea, or Robbie Fowler pulling up his shirt to reveal a T-shirt supporting sacked dockers in 1997.

The NFL acted in the wake of the murder of Darrent Williams, a cornerback for the Denver Broncos, who was shot on Jan 1, 2007 during an altercation with gang members.

From the start of this season, there was a ban on players flashing gangland hand signals for on-field celebrations. A team of experts, or ‘spotters’, were hired to analyse video footage of games.

With 140 million expected to watch in the United States, the Super Bowl being broadcast to 220 countries around the world, and NBC selling 30-second advertising slots at $3 million each – the NFL will watch with great vigour.

The NFL are also aware that there is a danger of being seen as ‘institutionally racist’, fuelling a stereotype that black players are most likely to be criminals. But many believe that the influence of gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, MS-13 and Black Guerilla Family should not infiltrate the sport.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell means business in his third year in charge. Goodell hired experts in gang culture this season to determine which signs are emblematic. Referees were also asked to look out for “symbols, clothing, jewellery or other items that would signify an association with criminal gang enterprises”, according to NFL commissioners. Continue reading