Female rapper says she had to have sex for advance money

Now we all know that females are taken advantage of in all corners of the earth and that the entertainment casting couch is legendary in Hollywood and the music industry. This story that is emerging about rapper Jacki-O is one that seems a bit perplexing.

Considering her claims which are below, I am just wondering why she did not look to her attorney when she could not get her advance money. I am not passing any judgement on her but I am confused as to why she could not get any outside help.
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Miami rapper Jacki-O recently revealed some shocking info about her first experiences in the industry, and it’s not pretty.

In a recent issue of Hip Hop Weekly, the female rapper claims she had to sleep with a record executive at Poe Boy Entertainment — where she signed her first deal — to receive a $10,000 advance that she was previously promised.

According to Jacki-O, all the other acts on the label received their money, except her. When she asked about it, she was given an ultimatum.

“Everybody that signed [to Poe Boy] had gotten their advance money, but when it came time for me to get my advance, I had to f*** for my advance,” Jacki-O told the magazine. “It was ten stacks and I had to f*** for it. So naturally, it wasn’t something that I’m proud of doing.”

After receiving flack for the comments, which many readers felt were disgraceful, the rapper recently released a statement, explaining her reasoning behind letting out those skeletons from her closet. She is adamant at saying wasn’t trying to glorify the incident, and that her intentions were just to reveal the ugly side of the industry that’s rarely seen.

“Obviously my interview was read and what was taken out of it was the negative and not what was intended,” she said in a statement. “My intentions was to really to express the regret that I had for having to have sex and just the way that people are abused when they are under authority. When you in a situation when someone is telling you, ‘Hey, this is your dream, you can be this, you can go off and do what you love to do, which is write music and be an artist, but you gotta have sex.’ I’m from Liberty City, Pork ‘N Beans projects. I mean, come on.

“I wasn’t glorifying having to have sex with someone for 10 grand. I wasn’t trying to glorify that. I was trying to express the regret that I had and tell other women that you don’t gotta do that. That was a wrong turn that I took,” she continued.

Despite going through with the sexual favor, Jacki says she’s “not a whore,” and instead just a victim of someone’s abuse their authority.

“I don’t think it’s a problem with the women, it’s a problem with people that abuse their authority,” Jacki says. “… I’m not a whore. I don’t go around having sex to get to the top.
“I’m very talented and my music speaks for itself. I don’t have to have sex to get to where I need to be at. The authority that I was under … I was being abused by the authority.”

10 thoughts on “Female rapper says she had to have sex for advance money

  1. At the end of the day……who cares!! Be glad you got to fuck for 10 grand wether it was rightly yours or not. Jackie-O you made that choice to open them legs. Get signed, bust a nut, get 1o grand and start making good music. Bottom line.

  2. Weezy are u out of ur mind or is it the crack that’s inside ur blood that’s kicking in. Who do u think people take u for? Jehova. Crack is wack wayne get it together

  3. So what …. it’s better than fuckin for free… Did you at least have safe sex… that’s the main question… otherwise who gives a damn…. The industry is fucked up.. keep ya head up … at least u got 10 stacks to bust a nut… plenty of other harder things to do to get 10 stacks babygirl.

  4. I am truly sorry that she felt the pressure to have sex for money that was rightfully hers…bad system there. But on the lighter side damn girl it must have been good sex for 10 grand!

  5. Whenever a woman comes out and says that she was abused there are at least 80% of the public that feel it was her fault and then they try to crucify her. This is why women who are being abused never come forward. No, it wasn’t right what she did, but I don’t feel that she is a whore. That record exec abused his authority and took advantage of her. It happens all the time especially on the sets of music videos with the “models”. Instead of calling Jackie a slut we need to get on the record exec for being a slime ball.

  6. I hate to tell you honey, but when you sleep with someone for money, you ARE a whore! no matter why you needed the money, it is the definition of prostitution!

  7. that was bad u dont do wat is wrong and tell odas to back of wen u did it to get to the top. so blame urself madam.

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