[EXCLUSIVE] Madonna’s First NUDE Photoshoot-circa 1979

Source: Alexgalmenau.com

These are the humble beginnings of an international star who would venture out into the taboo world of SEX and revolutionize it with her openness, expressiveness and defiance. These are photos from Madonna’s very first NUDE shoot and by the looks of things this must’ve went off without a hitch.

Justify My Love

Justify My Love

Like a Virgin?

Like a Virgin?

“On 12 February, 1979, a quiet, shy young woman walked into my studio for the first time. She was the nude model for my photography class that evening. She said that she was a dancer, her name was Madonna Ciccone.”

Martin Schreiber, photographer

Years before Like A Virgin, Madonna posed for three hours for a struggling photographer, Martin Schreiber. She was paid with 10$ by hour (30$ in total). Some of those photos ended up in the September 85 Playboy, shortly after the “Like A Virgin” enormous success.

Please, Papa Don\'t Preach

Please, Papa Don't Preach

Here Kitty, Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Martin Schreiber immigrated to the United States in 1952. During the turbulent ’60’s, he dropped out of college and fatefully joined the Army, where he went to photo lab school. Taking up photography full time after the service, Schreiber went on to teach and lecture at the New School/Parsons in New York. Returning to his European roots, he presently lives outside Paris.

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