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Dip Set vs Soccer Moms

 Customers looking to get their hands on Hannah Montana got the shock of their lives when they popped in their purchased CD and heard Juelz Santana.  Somehow, someway the Diplomats ended up on copies of Disney distributed Disney Channel Hits.  The shoppers who said they purchased the CD’s in Toys R’ Us say they object to the profanity and subject matter in Dip Set’s music and this was totally unsuitable for little Becky and Peggy Sue.  At press time Disney hasn’t returned any calls for comment…we’ll keep you posted! 

Spinning into the Record Books

headspin.jpgThe Guiness record for headspins is in jeopardy, by the same 18 year old who set last year.  Japanese hip hop enthusiast Ono “Spinboy” Aichi set the record last in Germany with 88 spins in under a minute then one-upped himself in September by posting 101 spins in 60 seconds besting the previous record which was 62 spins, set by a Swiss dancer.  His goal this Sunday (Dec. 30) is 130!  Thats a little over two rotations a second.  When asked what inspired him to get his spin on, he replied:

“I was 12 years old,” Ono said. “I saw someone doing headspins and thought it was fun so I tried doing that at home.” But it took him five months before he managed his first headspin.“I like how my vision is different when my body is upside down doing headspins. I can see everything around me, and the things and lights look more beautiful that way,” he said.

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Nas- It Was Written…In His Own Words


        (From the archive vaults of 4Korners News)                

Pt. 2      Pt.3     Pt.4      Pt.5

In more ways than one, Hip Hop falls under the influence of the Sun, Moon and Stars.  And like those planets that rotate around our central Sun, the stars in Hip Hop go through seasons and cycles. 

On Earth those seasons and cycles are divided into four units: Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.  For artists, that translates into Hot to Death, Lukewarm (so-so), Suspect and Cold as Ice! 

In the span of Nasir Jones illustrious career, fans have argued hes passed through all of these phases, only to arrive back at the point of origin: as HOT as Gods Sun (360 degrees of rotation).  On the dawn of the release of Nas seventh album, Gods Son, we invite you to take a journey into the world of one of Hip-Hops most illuminating stars.

PMoor: By listening to your music, one can tell that you draw from a number of musical influences.  Who do you credit with shaping your sound? 

Nas: Out of rappers or music in general?

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Muslims singing a different tune


The BBC has an interesting article about a group out of the UK name Blind Alphabetz and their efforts to bridge the culture of Islam with Hip Hop.  The article chronicles them in a elementary school, shooling the youth, who are primarily of Muslim backgrounds about the virtues of using Hip Hop as a voice for the voiceless and a teaching mechanism for Islam.  It is very interesting how they explain the resistance they recieve from other Muslims who are programmed to only think negative when they hear Hip Hop.  Unfortunately this is what the world has come to know when they hear about the culture of rap music. 

“A lot of people hear ‘Muslim hip-hop’ and they immediately back out: ‘We’re not going to touch that – that’s evil, it’s ‘haram’, it’s people singing’…
But when they actually listen to the lyrics, meet the people and talk to them, they see there is a positive message and what they’re saying is not against Islam.”

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