[video] The Infamous ‘Omar Epps Skirt’ Video

Based on the severe backlash he has gotten the past few days, I am going out on a limb that he won’t be pulling this stunt anymore. On the surface, let’s hope that this backlash will nip this trend in the bud, Kanye withstanding.

This colossal push to strip men of their masculinity has been popping all over pop culture the last few years and it seems like an hidden agenda has been set in motion. What is that agenda? It’s just ‘fashion’ is the sentiment provided by his childhood friend Marlon Wayans who got into a twitter war with outspoken rapper/actor Lord Jamar who took exception to his style of dress for his interview on The View.

Is this a trend you support?

EXCLUSIVE: First pics of Kanye West GURU energy drink ads

via Woooha

Kanye West x GURU Energy Drink. Back in April, Kanye West announced he was becoming an equity partner of GURU Energy Drink and would also be developing his own flavor of the drink in the coming months. Since then, news has been slow about when his drink would hit the market but WoooHa has landed the first official Kanye x GURU collaboration pics that will be used for promotional and advertising purposes. So THAT’s how he gets his beats to sound so good! GURU it up folks and be cool like Kanye.